Our vision, for you the client, is to create art collections that enrich your home or business. Pizer Fine Art will select the finest art tailored to your needs and budget with an eye towards investment. For the art collector, our discreet consulting services will assist you in the creation or growth of your private collection. For the corporate client, our expertise can further brand your company through a visual medium.


Our services begin with the consultation. From there we create a relationship with our client to listen, collaborate, and communicate. The client’s needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic preference are tantamount to our success. With a strong background in interior design, ours is a highly customized personal service.

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After 27 years in the business Michele provides expertise from a vast and varied knowledge base. Her resources include an international array of artists and galleries. We handle acquisitions, shipping, framing and placement of art. We are the liaison between the artist or gallery and the buyer.

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Licensing / Reproduction Rights

We assist the client by overseeing and securing the rights and licensing agreements for the reproduction of art.

Curatorial Services

For existing collections we assist with cataloguing, circulating and transporting artworks. We also assist artists with curating and mounting their own exhibitions.